Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows


Guild Optics adds Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows to their Capabilities

Custom Shaped Optical Windows are now an in house capability at Guild Optics. We have expanded and so have our capabilities in sapphire. We are now able to provide excellent pricing and lead times on custom shaped sapphire windows. Your custom optical window will be shaped, ground, and polished all at our Amherst, NH location. Submit your requests today via or directly through our online quest request form.

Guild Optical Associates has always been known for its superior quality, attention to detail, and on time delivery. By adding sapphire shaping to our list, we are able to offer our high quality sapphire windows to a whole new sector of business. Guild Optics has been polishing custom shaped windows for years. We are happy to now be able to offer in house custom shaping as well.

By having the complete window processed under one roof, we are able to eliminate many middle men and pointless mark-ups. This results in a better priced custom shaped optical window for our customer. If you’re currently purchasing these types of sapphire windows, give Guild Optical Associates a call and see what we can do for you 603-889-6247.

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Custom shaped Sapphire windows, before polishing

These shaped sapphire windows were made by Guild Optical Associates


Custom Shaped Sapphire Window after polishing


Sapphire Window Shaping Before Polish, Guild Optical Associates

WINDOW-01_01-2Custom Shaped Sapphire Window, Polished State

Custom Shaped Sapphire Window




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