Delivering High Quality Optics

Guild Optics puts an emphasis on Quality

Getting exactly what you expected these days is not as common as it once was, so there’s a lot to be said for receiving 100% compliant, quality optical components. 

At Guild Optical Associates, we believe that quality starts at the beginning in the quoting stage. Our sales team makes sure we have the exact requirements or up to date drawings associated with your sapphire window or lens request. We communicate with our customers to make sure there are no questions left unanswered. Your order is then processed utilizing our ISO 9001 certified practices. 

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements and specifications, Guild Optics manufactures the sapphire lens or sapphire window with expertise and proprietary methods we’ve garnered in our 27+ years of sapphire polishing. Our manufacturing team aims for perfection when grinding and polishing your sapphire optics, but realistically a 98% yield or better is a great number to hit. Obvious chips or imperfections are nearly always kicked out by our professional technicians, but what about the finer details?

That’s where our Quality Check team comes into play. 

Quality Check Team

Guild Optics is delighted to have three wonderful women that make up our QC department. They excel in cleaning, inspecting, and critiquing everything that exits our manufacturing floor. Our QC team has been trained directly by top management on the important details of scratch/dig, bevel measurement, surface flatness, parallelism, and proper shipping techniques. They comb through the specifications list of each order and make sure that any and all imperfect optics are segregated out of the batch. They then carefully pack the optical components to prevent any damages during the shipping stage. The result is a delivery of 100% usable sapphire optics sent to your business.

Getting exactly what you expected isn’t common these days, but Guild Optical Associates wants our customers to expect nothing less. 

Guild Optics is a manufacturer of sapphire windows and custom lens components located in Amherst, NH. A small, woman owned business, we produce optics within our well kept 25K+ square foot facility and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We do encourage our customers to inspect deliveries within 30 days of receipt. While we do expend all efforts to deliver 100% defect free optics, we’re aware that 1 might slip though by means of human error. Guild Optics will accept any return with cause for rejection within those 30 days and offer replacement, repair, or credit. It’s this level of quality customer service and sapphire know how that we feel makes Guild Optical “The Authority in Sapphire Optics.”

Quality Testimonial


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