Guild Optics Makes Donation to Children’s Science Program


A 5th grader at Sonora Elementary looks through a lens provided by Guild Optical Associates

Sonora’s Super Scientists receive Sapphire windows and Lenses from Guild Optics

When Stephen Sasaki of UC Irvine sent an email request for “overrun damaged optics” to aid his children’s education program, he got more than he imagined.

LinkedIn can be a great tool at times. Not for the abundant mindless articles, but for the part of meeting people who share similar professional interests. Without LinkedIn, I never would have come in contact with Mr. Stephen Sasaki.

When adding people to my network to introduce myself and Guild Optics, I like to thank the individual for accepting me. Normally I get a thank you and that’s about it. But on August 31st I received an interesting reply:

Stephen Sasaki has sent you a message:
“Hello Jon. Thank you for inviting me for the add. You had mentioned sapphire or glass optics. As you can see from my LinkedIn, I am currently running a non profit education program consisting of myself, and a trainee. I am not sure if this is something you would be interested in helping me with, but I figured it is worth a message. My program could benefit from any optics that could be donated, such as mirrors, beam splitters, objectives, even mounts would be very helpful to the kids… You can find more information on the program in my projects section, Sonora’s Super Scientists, a 5th grade elementary lunchtime science program…” a later email explained, “Any sort of optic, or mounts, even 50 or 90% surface damage will be wonderful!”

This request sparked my interest. I was aware that Guild Optical Associates did have quite a bit of rejected optics that we had stored away in the hopes of reworking them into other pieces. After bringing this request to the President of Guild Optical Associates, I was delivered two trays of roughly 78 optical components to send to Mr. Sasaki and his little scientists. These were not garbage optics, but consisted of sapphire windows, sapphire lenses and some glass optics such as filters and mirrors. Most of which were rejected due to being slightly undersized or having minor imperfections. Guild Optical Associates packaged up the pieces and sent them off to UC Irvine. Guild Optics was happy to help.

We received the following e-mail messages from Mr. Sasaki.

To Mr. Mark, Mr. Corbin, Mr. Lavoie, and everyone at Guild Optical Associates,
“… I just received the optics and they are beautiful. Everything is way above my expectations and the kids will really feel like they are real scientists.”
“Leslie Okinaka, my partner in S3, and I would like to personally thank everyone for your donation. The optics provided are absolutely perfect for our needs. We would like to thank you all especially for the larger optics, as it will really make the concepts of optics much clearer for the kids, being able to see the “big picture.” I can honestly say this is the largest donation the program has received, and every optic sent will be used not only for just this year’s program, but will be used to inspire and educate kids for generations at Sonora Elementary. I hope you realize that this will be the first time optics, of any kind, have been introduced to Sonora Elementary and your contribution has provided the entire school with a new branch of learning.
Thank you. Your generosity inspires us, and will surely inspire the kids.
– Stephen Shinjiro Sasaki and Leslie Okinaka”

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1st tray of optics donated by Guild Optics to Sonora’s Super Scientists


2nd tray of optics donated by Guild Optics to Sonora’s Super Scientists


Sonora’s Super Scientists in the classroom

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