The Many Uses of Sapphire May Surprise You…

You probably know how sapphire is useful in your industry, but how else is this substrate being used? You may be surprised to see how some other industries utilize the rugged properties and scratch resistance of Sapphire from Guild Optics. Let’s start with an obvious one for most.


It only makes sense that some of the hardest working people depend on some of the hardest optics available. Sapphire can stand up to the extreme conditions that our military experiences in the air, water, and on the ground. Sensors, cameras, lasers, and more can be protected by sapphire windows or lenses.


Military Optics

Sapphire windows are excellent at protecting cameras behind them.

Pressure Situations:

The same characteristics that make sapphire so scratch resistant also make the substrate extremely hard to break or bend under pressure. This makes for a window that can withstand high pressure while being less than half the thickness of its glass or fused silica counterparts. Deep ocean and high vacuum chamber cameras or lasers protected by a sapphire window will have a greater range of view with a thinner window.

Sapphire Pressure Window, View Ports, UHV

Sapphire can be less than half the thickness of other materials while offering the same level of protection.


One major industry that utilizes sapphire windows is the endoscope market. The tips of these scopes need a scratch resistant sight glass so the doctors can consistently see what they are doing. Various other uses range from skin contact windows, hair removal lasers, and even pharmaceutical monitoring uses. 

Sapphire Medical Optical Components

Guild Optics covers almost any custom sapphire parts that may be used in the medical field.

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