N-BK 7 Lens

BK7 Lenses

N-BK 7 Lenses are a specialty of Guild Optical Associates. Custom sizes and radii are manufactured to your exact specifications creating a cost effective BK 7 lens for your custom optical application. BK 7 transmits 91% from roughly 250nm – 2500nm. Guild Optics’ in house tooling capabilities allow us to create your custom radius of curvature without additional lead times or exorbitant NRC totals.

Guild Optics N-BK 7 Lens Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Diameter: From 10 mm (.393”) to 200 mm (7.875”)
  • Thickness: Nearly any thickness. Varies by Diameter
  • Radius of Curvature: Convex, Concave, or Meniscus, in any measurement from flat to hemispherical
  • Surface Quality: Down to 20/10 Scratch/Dig
  • Spherical Lenses only
  • Quantities from singles to full production runs

BK7 Lens Made in the USA

Schott N-BK7