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Custom Sapphire Lens by Guild Optics

Guild Optical Associates is a custom optics manufacturer and can create the sapphire lens you need for your specific situation. Sapphire lenses from as small as 10mm to as large as 150mm in diameter are manufactured daily at their facility in Amherst NH. Rectangular and custom shaped lenses are also not a problem for Guild Optics.

Pricing is key: Sapphire lens are not commonly associated with the word cheap. Guild Optical Associates knows that cost can ultimately decide a project’s optical material. They have worked closely with sapphire growers to develop a raw material buying program to ensure you get the very best pricing on your sapphire lens. Guild Optics will give you their full attention and the best prices available whether you require 10 lenses or 10,000.

Certain situations and uses for sapphire lenses require an anti-reflective coating on the major faces. Guild Optics can take care of that for you too.

Guild’s sapphire lenses are much stronger, more durable, and more scratch resistant than glass. These facts make sapphire an ideal material for environments that are less than satisfactory. These same lenses also work well in ocean applications due to their resistance against salt water damage as well as their superior strength under pressure. Whether it’s small pebbles or extreme pressure from sub sea depths, Guild Optics’ sapphire lens are up to the challenge.

For applications that are less harsh, they can manufacture your lenses out of Bk7, Fused Silica, or other common glasses.

It has never been easier to request a quote for your optical sapphire solutions. Guild Optics has a form directly on their website that you can fill out to receive a fast easy price on your sapphire lenses, sapphire windows, or any other optical component.

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