Metalized Sapphire Windows

Metallized Sapphire Windows

The purpose of a metalized sapphire window is to allow the optic to be soldered or brazed into place within a metal housing. Metalized, or solderable sapphire windows are commonly used in endoscopes and other hermetic brazing applications. Guild Optics’ metalized sapphire windows can better withstand the harshness of today’s more aggressive autoclaves, as well as chemical and plasma sanitization systems. Order your endoscopic replacement windows from Guild Optical Associates today.

Solderable Sapphire Windows In Stock

  • Common endoscopic sizes are usually in stock and ready for shipment. Call for availability.
  • Guild Optical Associates is an in house manufacturer of Solderable Sapphire Windows and can offer pricing direct to the customer in price break quantities starting at 10 pieces.
  • Over 59 common sizes in stock including ovals, all checked by our strict QA system.
  • Guild Optics can provide nearly any size metalized sapphire window.
  • Our Sapphire endoscope replacement windows have passed private Autoclave and Sterrad® testing.

Metallized Sapphire Windows Made in the USA 

Our Metalized Sapphire Windows were featured in Laser Focus World.

Medical Optics

Medical Optics and solderable sapphire windows by Guild Optics