Custom Sapphire Optics Solutions

Durable, scratch resistant, stronger than glass

Manufactured in the USA

Sapphire is the stronger alternative to glass

Advanced Sapphire Optics Fabrication

Guild Optics leads the sapphire optics industry in manufacturing high-tolerance optics for laser, military, industrial, and medical applications, leveraging a comprehensive selection of materials across UV, visible, and IR spectrums. We specialize in sapphire windows and sapphire lenses.




Military / Defense

Precision Sapphire Optics Excellence

Guild Optical Associates, Inc. is a leader in the precision crafting of sapphire optical components. We hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and are ITAR registered. We proudly manufacture all our components in the USA, utilizing strategically sourced raw materials.

Whether it’s a single prototype or large-scale production runs, Guild Optical Associates offers tailor-made optical products, including sapphire windows, sapphire lenses, optical mirrors, fused silica optics, coated optics, optical filters, and various other specialized optical components.

Our Facility

Guild Optics’ 25,000 sq. ft. production facility allows us to manufacture precision optical sapphire windows from 1 mm up to 17 inches in diameter and spherical optical lenses as small as 10mm in diameter.

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