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Optical Glass Lens

Optical glass lenses are renowned for their superior clarity and precise focus, which are essential for high-quality imaging in various medical and technical fields.

Manufactured in the USA
Manufactured in the USA

Benefits of Optical Glass Lenses

High Optical Clarity

Ensures sharp, clear images with minimal distortion.

Customizable Properties

It can be engineered to specific refractive indices and dispersion values for tailored optical performance.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including scientific research, photography, and vision correction.


Made from robust materials that withstand environmental and operational stresses, ensuring longevity.

Optical Glass Lens Examples

What are Optical Glass Lenses?

Optical glass lenses are precision components made from specially formulated glass designed to optimize light transmission and minimize distortion across various wavelengths. These lenses are essential in various applications, including cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and medical imaging devices. They are engineered to achieve high levels of clarity and focus, enhancing the performance of optical systems. The specific properties of optical glass, such as refractive index and dispersion, are carefully controlled to meet exacting requirements, ensuring superior imaging and consistency in use.

Spherical Lenses only

Diameter: From 10 mm (.393") to 200 mm (7.875")
Thickness: Nearly any thickness; varies by diameter
Radius of Curvature: Convex, Concave, Meniscus, in any measurement from flat to hemispherical
Surface Quality: Down to 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Quantities: From singles to full production runs

Optical Glass Lens FAQs

What are optical glass lenses typically used for?

Optical glass lenses are widely used in various devices requiring precise image formation, such as cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and optical instruments in the medical and scientific fields. They are critical for applications that demand high clarity and accuracy in visual output.

How are optical glass lenses manufactured to meet specific needs?

Optical glass lenses are manufactured by selecting specific types of glass with particular optical properties, such as refractive index and dispersion. These lenses are then precision-ground and polished to achieve the desired shape and optical characteristics, ensuring they meet the exact requirements of different applications.

What advantages do optical glass lenses offer over other types of lenses?

Optical glass lenses offer superior optical clarity and precision, allowing for more accurate and sharper images. They also have higher resistance to scratching and can be treated with various coatings to enhance light transmission and reduce reflections. This makes them ideal for high-performance optical systems where precision is crucial.

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