Sapphire Domes



Sapphire domes are used when a full range of view is needed in a harsh environment. Cameras or sensors are placed up inside the dome allowing them to see all around them. Sapphire domes are ideal for use in the  aerospace, deep sea, autonomous vehicle, and defense markets.

Sapphire Domes – Commercial Off The Shelf Solutions

Dimensions in Inches            H = Height     CT= Center Thickness

11661.5750.787-0.7090.8460.0793fr over any 1.18180/50> Hemi
11671.5750.787-0.7090.8460.0791fr over any 2.00060/40> Hemi
35111.7320.866-0.7870.7280.0793fr over any 1.18160/40< Hemi
35121.7320.866-0.7870.7280.0791fr over any 2.00060/40< Hemi
99441.8000.905-0.8270.9050.0794fr over any 1.57580/50Hemi
11681.9690.984-0.9061.0240.0793fr over any 1.18180/50> Hemi
11691.9690.984-0.9061.0240.0791fr over any 2.00060/40> Hemi
99032.0001.000-0.9101.0000.0904fr over any 1.96980/50Hemi
11702.3621.181-0.9841.1420.1973fr over any 1.18160/40< Hemi
11712.3621.181-0.9841.1420.1971fr over any 2.00060/40< Hemi
75112.6001.299-1.1811.2990.1183fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
75122.6001.299-1.1811.2990.1181fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
40012.9531.476-1.3581.4760.1183fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
40022.9531.476-1.3581.4760.1181fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
99023.0001.500-1.4101.5000.0904fr over any 1.96980/50Hemi
82033.3001.650-1.5321.6500.1183fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
82043.3001.650-1.5321.6500.1181fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
82013.3001.650-1.5121.6500.1383fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
82023.3001.650-1.5121.6500.1381fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
40033.3461.673-1.5751.5550.0983fr over any 1.18160/40< Hemi
40043.3461.673-1.5751.5550.0981fr over any 2.00060/40< Hemi
46013.9401.988-1.8701.9880.1183fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
46023.9401.988-1.8701.9880.1181fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
46033.9401.988-1.8311.9880.1573fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
46043.9401.988-1.8311.9880.1571fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
91413.9401.969-1.8113.1500.1573fr over any 1.18180/50Hyper – 240°
47054.0002.000-1.5202.0000.4803fr over any 1.18160/40Hemi
47064.0002.000-1.5202.0000.4801fr over any 2.00060/40Hemi
10214.5002.953-2.8270.7870.1263fr over any 1.18160/40< Hemi
10224.5002.953-2.8270.7870.1261fr over any 2.00060/40< Hemi
90115.9002.953-2.7563.9370.1973fr over any 1.18180/50Hyper – 240°
90319.0004.528-4.2914.7240.2363fr over any 1.18180/50Hyper – 240°

Wedge ≤ .00315″

Power and Irreg. is per side

CA: 90%

All Tolerances: ±.004″



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Diameter:From 40 mm (1.575”) to 240 mm (9.450”)
Wall Thickness:As thin as 2mm, but varies by diameter
Clarity:Clear field of view with no scratches or impurities
Hyper HemispheresUp to 240° Domes available
Common Use:Used to protect cameras that need a 360° field of view
Quantities:From singles to full large scale production runs
Commercial Sapphire DomesOff the shelf designs for plug and play applications
Custom Sapphire DomesCustomer designed domes are also able to be manufactured

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Durable, scratch resistant, stronger than glass

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