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Sapphire Lens

Sapphire lenses are renowned for their superior optical qualities and robustness, making them ideal for demanding applications where precision and durability are critical.

Manufactured in the USA
Manufactured in the USA

Benefits of Sapphire Lenses

Extreme Hardness

Resistant to scratches and abrasions, maintaining clarity over time.

Wide Spectral Range

Efficient transmission from UV to infrared, supporting diverse optical needs.

Thermal Stability

Performs reliably under extreme temperature variations and thermal shocks.

Chemical Resistance

Unaffected by most acids and alkalis, suitable for harsh environments.

Sapphire Lens Examples

What are Sapphire Lenses?

Sapphire lenses are crafted from synthetic sapphire, a form of aluminum oxide known for its extreme hardness and durability. These lenses boast exceptional optical properties, including high clarity and a wide transmission range from ultraviolet to infrared light. Sapphire’s impressive scratch resistance and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions make it ideal for use in rugged applications such as high-end optics in the aerospace, military, and medical fields. Additionally, sapphire lenses are highly resistant to thermal shock and chemical exposure, ensuring performance in challenging conditions.

Diameter: From 10 mm (.393”) to 200 mm (7.875”)
Radius of Curvature: Convex, Concave, Meniscus, in any measurement from flat to hemispherical
Surface Quality: Down to 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Quantities: From singles to full production runs

Sapphire Lenses FAQs

What makes sapphire lenses suitable for high-demand applications?

Sapphire lenses are incredibly durable due to the extreme hardness of synthetic sapphire, which is almost as hard as diamond. This makes them highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, and thermal shocks, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments and demanding applications such as military and aerospace optics.

How do sapphire lenses perform across different light spectra?

Sapphire lenses offer excellent light transmission across a broad spectrum, ranging from ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared (IR). This wide spectral range makes them versatile for various optical applications, including scientific research, medical imaging, and industrial inspection systems.

Are sapphire lenses affected by environmental factors?

No, sapphire lenses are exceptionally resistant to environmental factors. They withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments, making them ideal for use in outdoor, industrial, or other challenging settings where other materials might degrade or fail.

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