Custom Optical Components

Manufactured in the USAManufactured in the USA


Guild Optical Associates is a custom optics manufacturer. Our capabilities extend far beyond windows and lenses. Sapphire tubes, domes, cubes, or steps, we have in house capabilities to fabricate nearly any shape you may require. Sapphire is a very durable, scratch resistant material choice that transmits well from the upper UV, through the visible range, and into the Mid IR. Many other materials are available as well such as YAG and Optical Grade Zirconia

If you need Custom Optics, think Guild Optics.


Diameter & Diagonals:From 1 mm (.039”) to 355 mm (14”) in any optical axis
Thickness:Varies by Diameter but can be sub millimeter and up
Flatness:Varies by thickness but can be 1/20 wave or better if needed
Parallelism:Varies by size but can be as tight as 1 arc second
Surface Quality:Down to 10/5 Scratch/Dig
Quantities:From singles to full large scale production runs
Materials Available:Sapphire, YAG, Zirconia, Bk7, Fused Silica, Quartz, and Optical Glass types


Durable, scratch resistant, stronger than glass

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