Optical Coatings – Thin Films

Optical thin film coatings

Guild Optical Associates can provide their customers with custom optical coatings and thin films on their optical windows and lenses. Anti-Reflective or AR coatings are most common, but there are many other types of thin films that can be deposited on our sapphire windows and lenses.

Complete Custom Optics with Coating

Our custom optical components are highly regarded as some of the best in the industry. The most important thing in a coated sapphire lens or window is the base. Guild Optics starts with the highest quality raw materials then grinds, shapes and polishes the optics to customer specifications. The optics are inspected for scratches, chips, cleanliness and other imperfections beforehand to ensure an optimal base for coating. After coating, the sapphire or glass optics are re-inspected for any deviations and then packaged immediately for shipment to the customer.

Let Guild Optics handle your complete start to finish coated optical windows and lenses.

Thin Film Coated Optics Made in the USA