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Sapphire Domes

Sapphire Domes

Guild Optics’ Sapphire Domes are an ideal way to shield other optical components without sacrificing the field of view of the optics inside.
Sapphire domes can provide a very strong and durable protective environment to house other optical components.
Sapphire domes are ideal for visible and near IR optics applications.
Sapphire domes are much stronger than glass domes at similar thicknesses while being much more scratch resistant.

Guild Optics Sapphire Dome Capabilities:

  • Diameter: From 10 mm (.393”) to 45 mm (1.770”)
  • Wall Thickness: Dependent upon diameter
  • Radius of Curvature: Hemispherical
  • Surface Quality: Down to 20/10 scratch/dig
  • Spherical domes only
  • Quantities from singles to full production runs

Sapphire Dome Made in the USA