Sapphire Windows In Stock


Sapphire Windows Overrun Inventory

Guild Optical Associates has a large selection of overrun sapphire windows in stock.

Are you looking for sapphire windows to complete a prototype of yours?
Or are you seeking a sapphire lens that will give you a rough idea if your project will work?
Maybe you just require 1 or 2 optical components for an order?

Then you should email Jon,, with your requirement. Guild Optics has a massive optics inventory of over-run sapphire windows. Often times we can find a piece that will work for your prototype and ship immediately.

Because Guild Optics is such a highly regarded optics manufacturer, countless companies come to us for many different shapes and sizes of sapphire windows. We always end up with some extras as back-ups, we call them over-runs, and they are stored in our inventory. Over the past 24 years our inventory has become quite expansive. We have a much larger size selection of sapphire windows than most online catalog companies.

So give Guild Optical Associates a try, We will be happy to work with you. If you have a range of acceptable sizes that will fit your application, there is a good chance we can find the sapphire windows, glass optic, or quartz / fused silica optic that will work for you.

Contact Jon Lavoie
603-889-6247 x104

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