25 Years of Excellence in Sapphire

Jon Lavoie

25 Years of Sapphire Windows and Lenses Guild Optics Turns 25

Sapphire windows and lenses backed by experience

Another year older and another year wiser. Ordering your optics from Guild Optical Associates is certainly a smart decision. Over the past 25 years, Guild Optics has been refining and perfecting the art of grinding and polishing raw sapphire material. Customers agree that Guild’s quality and workmanship is unparalleled throughout the industry with personal service that can’t be beat. If you’ve yet to order any sapphire windows or lenses from Guild Optics, give them a try today. Experience the Guild Optics difference and see why they gained over 75 new customers last year alone.

Guild Optics specializes in manufacturing customer designed optical components made from sapphire. Other materials include optical glass, fused silica, and quartz. All of Guild Optics’ work is done at their own clean and organized shop located in Amherst, NH. Guild Optics is an ISO certified ITAR manufacturer serving all markets.

Published: Feb 3, 2015. Updated March 20th, 2018