Guild Optics Day of Photonics

Jon Lavoie

Oct. 21st – Day of Photonics:

Guild Optical Associates chose to reach out to the kids for this day. Jon taught the 1st – 5th graders at Mason Elementary about the MOHS scale and the hardness of glass vs. sapphire. The children had a chance to scratch glass with sand and keys, then attempt to do the same to a sapphire window. To their surprise, they could not scratch the sapphire.

The kids also learned about lenses and how they manipulate light with the help of a simple laser pointer.

The “Day of Photonics” is an industry initiative to get out of the office and show people the importance of optics and photonics. We were happy to participate.

“At the very least, I was able to save one parent’s cell phone screen with the glass vs. sapphire scratch test demo. I’m just joking. These kids were all so smart, and they really seemed to be fascinated with the entire presentation. I look forward to doing this again next year” – Jon Lavoie


Published: Nov 2, 2016. Updated September 26th, 2018