Large Sapphire Window


Large Sapphire Windows

Jon Lavoie

Guild Optical Associates has long been a go to for sapphire windows within the optical industry, but did you know that we also offer large sapphire windows? 

We have always had the capability to manufacture large diameter sapphire windows up to 14 inches, but with our recent expansion, Guild Optics can really deliver. 6 inch diameter windows, 8 inch, 10 inch, or greater, Guild is ready to help with these large format sapphire optics. Square sapphire panels can also be manufactured up to 9.75 inches length by width. 

Large sapphire windows can often be accompanied with strict optical specifications such as flatness, parallelism, and surface quality. Guild Optics can manufacture your optical windows with sub lambda flatness and parallelism less than 1 arc minute. Our polish quality is very strict as well and we are able to produce 10/5 surfaces

upon request with our proprietary polishing methods. 

UV Grade sapphire or normal optical grade large sapphire windows are available built to print in nearly any shape you may need, not just round or rectangular. Popular orientations of C-Plane or A-Plane are options as well. 

Guild is able to offer all of this at competitive pricing and lead times. We’re always open to feedback and we aim to earn your business. 

Guild Optical Associates is a woman owned family run small business located in Amherst, NH. We pride ourselves on industry leading sapphire optics while striving for 100% customer satisfaction and on time delivery. Many leading business names from multiple industries depend on Guild Optics for their sapphire needs. We look forward to helping your business too. 

Email us today with your sapphire window or lens requirements, or use our online quote request tool. 

Published: Mar 15, 2018. Updated March 7th, 2024