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by | May 21, 2015 | News

Guild Optics recommends sapphire optics over typical glass substrates

Certain areas of military optical devices have been realizing the benefits of sapphire windows and lenses from Guild Optics for many years. The extreme hardness and durability of a sapphire window in front of more delicate optics has been paying dividends in the field. Our sapphire windows repel dirt and other debris without becoming scratched or dulled compared to typical glass windows.

Now there is a new crop of military optics gaining a lot of popularity. UAV’s, drones, unmanned vehicles, whatever you prefer to call them, they are leading us into the future. High tech cameras and IR devices knows as Gimbals or Sensors are typically mounted to the drones in order to collect information or simply show the operator where they are telling their UAV to go. So why not just use typical glass windows as usual?

Exhibit A:

Now we know that not all drones land in this fashion, but simply even while flying, they are subject to bugs, blowing sand, and other debris that can damage optics. This is the reason that typical manned aircraft use sapphire windows to protect their EVS Systems. Alternately gimbals and sensors are being employed on unmanned vehicles such as trucks and small ground vehicles. These ROVs are put into difficult situations where cleanliness may be an afterthought. With a transmission range of 200nm – 5500nm, it seems only natural that sapphire would be beneficial to use on gimbals and sensors whenever possible.

Guild Optics is a small business located in Amherst NH. ISO certified as well as ITAR and SAM registered, they are ready to supply American made sapphire windows and lenses to the military, gimbal, and electro optical sensor markets.

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