Custom Shaped Sapphire Windows

Manufactured in the USAManufactured in the USA


Guild Optical Associates is a great option for custom shaped sapphire windows because we have the capabilities to provide nearly any shaping imaginable. Guild Optics can shape, grind, and polish your sapphire windows all under one roof to provide excellent cost savings. Shaped radiused corners or steps are no issue for our custom sapphire shaping department. Guild Optics’ quality control standards and ITAR registration allow us to work with any industry.
We have the ability to measure strict shaping call outs. Our shaping department has a calibrated CMM and certified operator on hand. This allows us to provide detailed analysis on the exact measurements of the shaped sapphire windows.
Guild Optics can accept stp, dwg, and other detailed CAD files and build custom sapphire windows per those specifications. 
Custom shaped sapphire windows require experienced operator know how, tooling, and the right machinery to get the job done right. Guild Optical Associates has all these requirements checked. That’s why the top business names in the country rely on us for their most complex sapphire window requirements. 


Diameter: From 5 mm (.197”) to 355 mm (14”) in any optical axis
Thickness: Varies by Diameter but can be sub millimeter and up
Flatness: Varies by thickness but can be 1/10 wave or better if needed
Parallelism: Varies by size but can be as tight as 1 arc second
Surface Quality: Down to 10/5 Scratch/Dig
Quantities: From singles to full large scale production runs

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Durable, scratch resistant, stronger than glass

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