Large Diameter Sapphire Windows

Manufactured in the USAManufactured in the USA


Sapphire Windows for big applications

Large diameter sapphire windows are often used in defense or research areas. These oversize sapphire optics can protect larger infrared camera and lasers from being scratched by debris.
Guild Optics is fully set up and capable to offer sapphire windows as large as 17 inches. Our optical windows include industry leading surface quality and precise flatness your project requires.
Our optical shop is also set up for smaller sapphire applications. Visit the following page for more info: Sapphire Windows 

With a MOHS hardness of 9, sapphire is second only to diamond and it transmits from 190nm to 5000nm making it a great choice for UV applications through the mid wave infrared. 
Guild Optical is a top tier supplier for many of the best companies in the United States. When precision sapphire optics are required, Guild delivers per the drawing, on time, and on budget. 

Round sapphire optical components are typically the most economical. Rectangular windows can also be made, but usually have to be cut out of round stock. Guild Optical Associates has the machines needed to create any custom shaped windows as well. Larger rectangles or squares are limited to a 9.5″ diagonal measurement due to machinery limitations that do not apply to round items. 

Guild Optical Associates has been perfecting the art of polishing windows made of sapphire since 1990. Many techniques and hours of experience allow us to deliver solutions to customer requirement that meet of exceed their expectations.
Contact Guild Optical Associates when your project has Big Sapphire aspirations. We’re excited to work with you.


Diameter:17 inches and under
Thickness:Nearly any thickness; varies by diameter
Surface Quality:Down to 20/10 Scratch/Dig
Flatness:Let us know what your project requires
Quantities:From singles to full production runs

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Durable, scratch resistant, stronger than glass

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