Sapphire Domes

by | June 20, 2019 | News

Guild Optics has recently become a supplier of sapphire domes.Β 

Sapphire domes are used when a full range of view is needed in a harsh environment. Cameras or sensors are placed up inside the dome allowing them to see all around them. Sapphire domes are ideal for use in theΒ  aerospace, deep sea, autonomous vehicle, and defense markets.

We offer a commercial off the shelf line of sapphire domes, but can also manufacture custom made domes for nearly any application.Β 
Sub-Hemisphere, Full Hemisphere, and Hyper Hemisphere Domes are available.Β 

Sapphire Domes

About Jon Lavoie

Jon Lavoie is a manager at Guild Optical Associates in Amherst, NH. He’s been helping people with their sapphire window and lens requirements since 2006. When your optical requirements call for scratch resistant, durable sapphire, think of Guild Optics and contact Jon Lavoie.