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Sapphire Substrates – Built to Print


Sapphire Substrates

Sapphire substrates, built to print
We make it that simple at Guild Optical Associates.

When searching for a manufacturer of sapphire optical components, you may run into many links, but there are only a handful of true US manufacturers. Guild Optics manufactures sapphire substrates at our shop in Amherst, NH. Precision Optics, made in the USA. 

Once you find Guild Optics for your sapphire RFQ, you’ll need to send us an email;
In that email, we’ll need to know the specifications and dimensions listed out, or simply attach a print with the information below. 

What do we need to know? 

For a simple sapphire window:
– The dimensions along with acceptable tolerances.     Example: 2.750″ ±.004″
– The surface quality called out in Scratch/Dig.     Example: 60/40
– The Quantity. How many do you want us to quote? 

For a more complex sapphire substrate: 
All the information above, plus… 
– Flatness Specifications. There are two typical methods; Per surface and transmitted. Per surface means that each face of the window is measured for flatness independently. The other is most commonly referred to as transmitted wavefront error, (TWE). TWE is a measurement of flatness that takes into effect the distortion of a beam through both surfaces together. Within this spec are the terms of Power and Irregularity. These are all measured in waves or fringes. 1 fringe is equal to half a wave. 
Example of a callout would be TWE: 2 waves power x 1 wave irregularity. Guild will take those specifications as a less than or equal to requirement and verify them with our Zygo Interferometer. 
– Parallelism Specifications. This is simply how parallel the two surfaces of the window are to one another.    Example: ≤ 3 arc minutes. Guild Optics can verify these measurements too. 

There can be more terms and specifications when it comes to custom shapes and machined windows, but feel free to ask if you don’t already know them. We’re always happy to help. Guild Optical Associates will walk you into success with your sapphire window drawings and build them to print in a timely manner. 

Guild Optical Associates is a premier US manufacturer of sapphire substrates, sapphire windows, and custom sapphire optics. Located in Amherst NH for over 30 years. We have become the Authority in Sapphire Optics. 

Visit our website to request a quote today: 

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Published: Aug 4, 2020.