Scratch This – Sapphire vs. Glass

Sapphire is Famous for its Durability

But just how much abuse can sapphire withstand? The answer, more than you think. “When I push the jagged edge of my keys into the sapphire window with a good amount of pressure, I expect to see a scratch line appear like I would see with glass,” says Jon Lavoie. “But I get nothing, it’s like I didn’t even do anything. It’s difficult to grasp that until you try it.” There are benefits to using glass, mainly price, but if the glass windows are expected to handle rugged conditions, you’ll be replacing them soon.

Not too long ago, we did our own scratch test in order to demonstrate the effects of abuse on a sample sapphire windows and a similar fused silica window. Take a look at the video and photos below. You’ll quickly see the winner is Sapphire.

Here are a couple close ups of the results:

Glass Scratch TestGlass after scratch test
Sapphire scratch testSapphire after scratch test

When it comes to protecting your investment, sensor, camera, or vacuum environment, Sapphire can be counted on for continuous clear results over the lifespan of the device.

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Published: Dec 10, 2015. Updated March 12th, 2018